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What the heck?

The Thoughts Behind 'Group Needs'

The Group Needs Search Filter is an experimental feature and might help you find the right game for your situation. As your group develops, you might find that they lack one or more of the following:

# Search Term Description
1 First Steps Exercises to start off the group dynamic process, especially getting to know each other.
2 Group Energy Energizers, dances and fun activites.
3 Fostering Honesty and Trust Fostering honest communication and openness amongst team members, including a trusting atmosphere and the courage to speak up on contentious issues.
4 Practicing Strategies and Co-operation Offering problems and challenges to give groups a chance to practice the common development of strategies and experience co-operation.
5 Inspiration Provide inspiration for the group or opportunities for group members to inspire each other.
6 Team "Why" Development of a common understanding of the team, why it was convened or what goals it has.
7 Group Identity Creation of a group identity - elements that make this group strong (or weak) or unique traits that differentiate this group from others.

The main group need you enter is weighed against the auxiliary ones, allowing you to fine tune your list. You don't need to enter any auxiliary group needs. Try it out: