the teambuilding app

Support is a labour of love and relies on your support to survive and thrive.

So, how can you help?

Improve the database

The database of games is the foundation of Do you have teambuilding games that are still missing? Would you like to make the description of existing games better? Write me!

Help with design

Are you great with visuals? I'd love to hear your thoughts on how can be even prettier/more usable.

Help me code

Are you familiar with any one of these?

Please get in touch! There's so much to do: The roadmap for both API and WEB components have a long list of features still missing (e.g. versioning for games, user-curated collections of games..) and the codebase needs a good review! If you are just getting started with one of the above or are simply curious, that's great as well! Curious people are the best!

Help me think

If you have experience in working with groups professionally or from volunteering in NGOs I'd love to hear from you! There are very few good online resources about group development, and it would be great if could provide not just games but also helpful information on how and when to use them. This includes thinking of better ways to search the database and how to display the games.

Donate money

Giving money to support will help with paying the server bills. It's also a great motivation to see that people like this work so much, they are willing to give money. Motivation is key to keep going. Finally, there are plans to pay developers to help with realising more complex features (e.g. native iOS/Android apps). Your donation will ensure that development will happen faster.

Donations are processed by Donorbox/Stripe:

Help me create a community will only thrive if an active community supports it. It's not easy to build and moderate one. If you have an idea, how to get this process going or improve it, it would be great if you could get in touch!

All of the above are great ways to help support

Supporting will get you a place in our Hall of Fame* and ensure, that it will stay around for a bit longer. Thank you for considering to help in the first place! You're awesome!

*Hall of Fame still needs to be built.